Terms and Conditions

  1. Dvote Online is a software application proprietarily owned by Dvote Services Sdn Bhd (“Dvote”) to facilitate pre-registered individual as a “User” for the following services:-
    • Registration for remote/on-site participation in meetings.
    • Remote participation in meetings through live streaming.
    • Remote casting of vote(s) on resolution(s) tabled at meetings.
  2. Any member of the public who is an individual and who is either a registered holder of securities or an appointed proxy in relation to a general meeting of a company/association, and the company/association (“our Clients”) who appointed us as the Poll Administrator, is allowed to use the Dvote Online services.
  3. Your entitlement to participate in a general meeting is subject to your registered identity verified against the General Meeting Record of Depositors (“ROD”) obtained from Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd in accordance to Section 34(1) of the Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act 1991 or Register of Members maintained by our Clients, and the terms and conditions as specified in the notice of meeting in accordance to our Clients’ constitution.
  4. You shall login to Dvote Online at the time and date of the general meeting to engage in remote participation and voting (“RPV”), and shall agree to abide to all the terms and conditions in connection with the use of the facility.
  5. Regardless of the login location, you shall agree to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, statutes and ordinance and our Clients’ constitution in connection with the rules and guidelines for RPV.
  6. Our Clients do not guarantee that the RPV can take place without any interference or disruption nor be responsible in ensuring that the RPV is completed effectively.
  7. Your participation in the RPV using the equipment and internet connection of your choice is entirely your decision. Dvote and our Clients have no control over your decision and as such, shall not be responsible for any failure or disruption to your RPV.
  8. Our Clients shall take reasonable commercial measures to ensure that the Dvote Online services are available without any significant interruption. Our Clients shall not be liable for any disruption, delay or failure of your internet connection due to electrical, electronic, technical, transmission, communication and computer-related faults and breakdowns, or to any causes beyond the control of our Client.
  9. Dvote shall reasonably ensure that any third party application used or relied upon within the Dvote Online services shall function as intended. Dvote does not guarantee access and non-interruption beyond the reasonable control and you shall be bound by the respective third party application’s terms of use / service and privacy policy.
  10. As a User of Dvote Online for RPV, you are strictly prohibited from disclosing and/or sharing your email and/or password with any third party to ensure confidentiality and security of your account information. Dvote and our Clients shall not be responsible and/or liable if you lose control of your confidential and/or sensitive information relating to your securities’ holdings contained in Dvote Online.
  11. You are not allowed to login to Dvote Online using multiple devices at any one time. Failure to comply will cause your login session to be blocked. You have to logout from Dvote Online before switching to another device.
  12. You are to ensure that all information provided whilst utilizing the Dvote Online services are true and accurate. Dvote and/or our Clients holding the meeting shall not be held liable and/or responsible for any inaccurate and/or incomplete information provided by you.
  13. Dvote shall not be held responsible for any adjournment / postponement / deferment of a meeting or any decision to cease the utilization of Dvote Online by our Client.
  14. Our Clients reserve the right to reject your vote cast remotely which do not conform to their terms and conditions.